As Attorney General Eric Schneiderman assumes oversight of an investigation into the shooting death of a Troy man by police, he said on Tuesday his office was not trying to make an example out of District Attorney Joel Abelove.

Abelove, whose office initially presented the case to a grand jury and returned no bill for the officer who shot Edson Thevenin, was sued by Schneiderman, who was empowered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to investigate incidents in which civilians die in interactions with police.

In the days after the lawsuit was filed, Abelove’s office later struck an agreement with Schneiderman to pursue the investigation into the April incident. Cuomo had previously re-issued an amendment to his order empowering Schneiderman to investigate the case.

Schneiderman said the situation in Troy is “unique” and that other district attorneys have complied with the executive order, which was first issued last year.

“We have received cooperation from every district attorney in the state,” Schneiderman said. “This is a unique situation.”

As for the case itself, Schneiderman said his office was reviewing the shooting of Tehevnin, who died after a chase with police in Troy.

“We’re committed to conducting a full investigation into the shooting and how the investigation was conducted and no one is off the hook for that,” he said.