State Senator Hugh Farley says he would endorse Assemblyman Jim Tedisco to fill his shoes come November, and Tedisco is gladly accepting the idea.

“I was pretty proud of the fact, though I didn’t ask him about it, that he wanted to endorse me to follow in his footsteps because he has some very big footsteps,” Tedisco said Monday.

The only obstacle for the 34-year Assemblyman is his life outside the state capitol. He says his first priority is his family, which he would see less while representing a much larger district in the upper chamber.

“What it’s going to take is an understanding that my family is going to be accepting that the time I’m going to be away from them is going to be expanded,” Tedisco said. “Family’s always important, they’re number one.”

Also among Tedisco’s priorities is a Republican majority in the State Senate. He says when he spoke to Farley, the long-time Senator had the same concern – that a Democrat could take his seat in November, and boost the chances of that party controlling the chamber.

“We have to keep that majority in the New York State Senate. Right now the Assembly is controlled by the one party, the comptroller’s the same party, the Governor is the same party, the Attorney General is the same party,” Tedisco said. “This is a representative Democracy and it never does well with just one affiliation. You have to have checks and balances.”

Farley would know. He’s spent 40 years in the chamber that has gone in and out of Republican control at times. This November is a critical election for Republicans, who hold a majority in the chamber as part of a coalition government with the Independent Democratic Conference. Democrat Simcha Felder is also known to conference with the Republicans.

“I know how important he feels keeping that majority in the Senate is,” Tedisco said, referring to Farley. “To have a check and balance because you’ve got to have somebody on the other side of the argument making the case.”

Tedisco says he has been contacted by the Republican conference on a possible run.

“We’ve had some conversations with them and they are very interested in containing that seat and continuing to have the majority and interested in me possibly serving in that seat,” Tedisco said.

Tedisco says he will make a decision over the next few weeks on whether he will enter the race for the 49th Senate District.