The state moved aggressively to combat a chemical contamination in the drinking water in Hoosick Falls, Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted on Thursday as the state government’s response is being called into question based on newly released documents.

Politico New York this morning reported state Department of Health officials last year dismissed warnings by the federal Environmental Protection Agency of a PFOA contamination in the rural village’s drinking water.

But Cuomo defended the state’s response to the drinking water crisis during a stop in Syracuse, saying officials moved quickly when it was determined earlier this year the water was unsafe to use.

Emails and other documentation show state officials last year differed with the warnings from federal EPA officials. Cuomo pointed to the state moving to install water filtration systems in the village as soon as the concerns were made public.

“That’s a whole political he said-she said,” Cuomo said. “I don’t know how the state could have been more aggressive or what else we could have possibly done. We did the testing, we installed filters on every home that needed them, we added filters in buildings frankly that didn’t need them just to make people more comfortable. I don’t think we could have been more aggressive.”