Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie didn’t rule out taking action on New York City’s five-cent surcharge for plastic bags, saying some members of the Democratic conference have expressed concern with the measure that passed last month.

“I think there’s a concern among particularly the Assembly members who represent the city, on the language that’s in the city Council bill,” Heastie told reporters after meeting with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday.”So we are looking at it. We’ve been in discussions with the city Council and the mayor  to see if we can push this off to having a better discussion. But there are concerns among the city members.”

A group of state lawmakers, including Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind, have introduced a bill that would block the fee on plastic bags, which is set to take effect in October.

Supporters of the plastic bag fee say it’s designed to cut down on environmentally harmful waste and surcharges in other cities have worked better than outright bans. But opponents contend the plastic bag fee is essentially a regressive tax on consumers.