From the Morning Memo:

A bill that would allow restaurants to serve alcohol before noon on Sundays has been backed by the Democratic conference in the Assembly, but still needs to be signed off by Republicans in the state Senate.

“That one I think is pretty much agreed upon,” Heastie said after a hours-long closed-door Democratic meeting on Monday.

“It’s hard for me to say. We have a discussion of where were. To be fair, Senator Flanagan has to conference. They don’t come in until tomorrow.”

Lawmakers have three legislative session days to go this week, with the session wrapping up on Thursday and a range of issues left unresolved, including an extension of mayoral control for New York City schools.

Heastie insisted he wasn’t budging on the issue of a straight extension of the program for three years.

“We’re discussing it,” he said. “I’m pretty much in the same position I was. No bells and whistles.”

Meanwhile, allowing daily fantasy sports to be regulated by the state remains another point of contention in the Democratic conference, despite talk of agreement last week, Heastie said.

And will lawmakers stick around past Thursday, the scheduled end of session?

“We’re leaving Thursday late,” Heastie said, “but we’re leaving Thursday.”