The top leaders in the Assembly and Senate met with Gov. Andrew Cuomo for more than an hour this afternoon, emerging with one concrete agreement.

“We’re leaving on Thursday,” Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said of June 16, the final scheduled day of the legislative session.

Added IDC Leader Jeff Klein with a laugh: “We all agree on that.”

The legislative session is winding down in Albany with three scheduled session days to go, all next week. Post-budget legislative issues remain unresolved, however, including agreements on combating heroin and opioid abuse, ethics reform as well as developing regulations for ride-hailing apps and daily fantasy sports.

“We’re still discussing things, maybe close on a couple of things,” Heastie said. “We’re still talking about everything. But we still have time.”

Cuomo is also pushing for more access and prevention for breast cancer treatment, a concern that came up in Thursday afternoon’s meeting as well.

A bid to re-approve mayoral control of New York City schools also remains up in the air as Senate Republicans are pushing for a 12-month extension. Assembly Democrats have backed a three-year expiration, which is supported by Cuomo.

In recent days, a new push is being made to unlink the development and approval of teacher performance reviews with a boost in state aid.

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan was cool to the idea of using legislation to end the linkage for the coming school year, noting after the meeting there is already a “historic” boost in state aide for districts.

“There’s a long way between now and September,” he said. “I’m confident that we’ll get to a point where no one is going to have worry about losing state aid.”

Lawmakers also discussed Cuomo’s proposal to increase regulatory scrutiny of independent expenditure committees and prevent coordination of political campaigns. Lawmakers acknowledged the ethics and campaign finance reform issues had been discussed, but offered no specifics.