From the Morning Memo:

The Republican-led Senate, after initially hesitating for weeks, has backed legislation that would make it easier for those residents who live in an area designated a Superfund site to sue the parties responsible.

The bill backed by Sen. Kathy Marchione after a PFOA contamination in Hoosick Falls was revealed to have impacted the village’s water supply, was approved late Thursday night by the Senate, 62-0.

The measure was initially held up in the chamber, but passed a day after residents from the village held an impromptu meeting with a top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the water situation.

“They will their day in court if they believe and have the cause to have one,” Marchione said in an interview on Thursday night. “If they were sick a number of years ago, the statute of limitations to bring a charge in court would start the day the site was declared a Superfund. If there’s a site declared as a federal or state Superfund, people will have their day in court.”

Marchione acknowledged how some residents may have been frustrated with the back and forth over the bill and the unsuccessful maneuvering to water it down.

“It’s very gratifying,” she said of the bill’s passage. “I understand people don’t deal with legislation everyday.”

She’s yet to hear back, however, from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office as to whether a task force will be convened to discuss the PFOA contamination.

The task force would be something of a compromise, given the lack of progress on hearings over water quality.

“There are so many processes, I think a task force would work very well,” Marchione said. “I have not heard back from the governor. Truly, I think the last two or three days in session we’re just focused on the legislation in session that we need done, knowing they got the results for their districts.”