Senate Republicans are discussing a potential compromise on extending mayoral control of New York City schools for three years and link it to the creation of an education tax credit.

The three-year extension would be a nod to the mayoral control deadline backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Assembly Democrats.

But it’s unclear if Assembly Democrats would support the extension in exchange for the tax credit, which has been backed by the Catholic Church and parochial schools.

Updated: Michael Whyland, a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, said the proposal is a non-starter.

“We are not trading anything for mayoral control,” Whyland said. “This is not a serious proposal or anything close to a possibility.”

It is worth noting, too, that Assembly Democrats historically never were in love with mayoral control under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but have backed de Blasio generally on the issue.

The tax credit is designed to encourage donations that benefit public schools as well as programs supporting private and parochial schools.

The measure had all but dropped out of the conversation in Albany as Democrats lawmakers — as well as the state’s powerful teachers unions — have expressed opposition to the proposal.

Mayoral control remains a major sticking point for lawmakers in the final days of the legislative session.

Senate Republicans had previously backed a 12-month extension of the program, which is due to end this month.

The final day of the legislative session is scheduled for Thursday.