From the Morning Memo:

Advocates for supportive housing were not pleased with an agreement that would free up as much as $150 million, saying the money is a relative pittance to what is needed.

Some reports put the money at even less, $100 million.

The push was on this month to have Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the top leaders in the Senate and Assembly sign a memorandum of understanding backing 6,000 units of supportive housing, but that is yet to happen.

“The Governor’s pathetic offer to provide a tiny fraction of what he promised underscores the shallowness of his commitment to housing our homeless neighbors,” said the Campaign 4 NY/NY.

“It’s time for Gov. Cuomo to step up and deliver on his promise to New York’s 80,000 homeless men, women and children. Each month that passes, we see his promise to fund 20,000 units of supportive housing get whittled further and further down. If we wait another week, he’ll be asking the homeless to pay for their own programs. This is shameful.”