Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic-led Assembly are at odds over emergency regulations to enhance safety at daycare centers, a move the governor insisted was required after the chamber failed to act at the end of the legislative session.

In short, Cuomo blamed Assembly Democrats for siding with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s concerns on the issue.

And in return, Speaker Carl Heastie’s office suggested in an unusually stinging rebuke that Cuomo’s ongoing feud with the mayor sacrificed progress on a number of issues at the legislative session wound down in June, knocking the governor’s support for charter schools in the process.

The indication from Heastie’s office was clear: the speaker feels trapped between the two Democratic heavyweights in their feud, which he said appeared to efforts to “harm the city.”

Cuomo’s comments on Tuesday morning, meanwhile, pointed to the Assembly and mayor being lined up on political issues.

“I’m not going to allow political agendas to endanger the health and safety of children,” Cuomo said in New York City on Tuesday at an MTA-related event at Grand Central Terminal.

“We proposed that legislation. It was passed unanimously by Senate,” Cuomo said. “Unanimously. The Senate has Democrats and Republicans, as you know. They all voted for the daycare reform legislation, because they wanted to protect children.”

The regulations announced Tuesday would allow the state to close a daycare facility in which there is an imminent danger to a child. The regulations would also the state to revoke a facility’s license should fail to meet a number of requirements, ranging from having enough adults not be present at the center or an injured child not receiving medical attention.

De Blasio, who has been feuding with Cuomo openly for the last year, had raised concerns about the measure’s impact on poor families and their child-care options.

Cuomo suggested in his comments the bill died the Assembly for political purposes.

“At the 11th hour it was killed in the New York State Assembly,” Cuomo said. “There are various reasons why. But, politically, it was decided to be ended in the Assembly. I’m not going to allow children to be abused because of political reasons.”

In an fiery statement, a spokesman for Heastie blasted Cuomo’s comments, accusing the governor of playing politics with the issue, linking it broader issues that failed to be dealt with at the end of the session.

At the same time, the statement knocked the 12-month extension of mayoral control as well as the lack of a memorandum of understanding for supportive housing at the conclusion of the session.

“Well it’s unfortunate that the Governor is once again playing politics,” said the spokesman, Michael Whyland.

“To be frank, the Speaker is tired of getting caught in between the Governor and the Mayor and attempts to harm the city. That’s why we don’t have a longer extension of mayoral control. It’s why we don’t have a desperately needed housing MOU. It’s why money has been withheld from struggling schools. It’s why he uses charter schools to undermine New York City public schools. The Governor should be the last one accusing anyone of playing politics because that is exactly what he has been doing with New York City’s residents in this pointless feud with the Mayor. Enough.”