Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged on Wednesday the discussion in the presidential campaign to return to the issues after FBI Director James Comey announced he would not recommend criminal prosecution for Hillary Clinton over her email practices.

At the same time, Cuomo during an unrelated visit to Orange County told reporters it is “imprudent” to second-guess Comey’s decision to not move forward with prosecuting Clinton over her use of private email servers that contained confidential and top secret information.

“To try to second guess those decisions I think is imprudent,” Cuomo said. “You really don’t know everything that person knew. Comey has got a great reputation. I don’t think anyone is saying he made the decision in anyway except on the merits.”

A top New York supporter of Clinton’s, Cuomo acknowledged Comey’s criticism of Clinton’s email practices, but added the recommendation not to prosecute should allow her campaign to refocus on the issues.

“Now I think we should get on with important issues that matter to people, like their jobs, their mortgages, their kids’ college tuition,” he said. “No one really cares that much about Donald Trump’s airplanes or Hillary Clinton’s emails. The campaign should be about how do we help them.”