A billionaire former gubernatorial candidate could be looking to give Donald Trump a boost in New York this fall. That wouldn’t be news if we were talking about Carl Paladino, one of Trump’s biggest supporter, but it was actually Paychex founder and CEO Tom Golisano who brought up the GOP presidential candidate Wednesday evening.

A reporter in Rochester asked Golisano, who ran for governor on the Independence line in 1994, 1998 and 2002, if he would ever consider getting back into politics.

“I’m just an observer from this point on although, I don’t know, maybe Mr. Trump needs some help in New York. We’ll see,” he said.

Of course, Golisano was chuckling as he made the comment. His influence these days is also a bit more limited, now that his permanent residence is in Florida.

The former Buffalo Sabres owner said he hasn’t formally endorsed any presidential candidate but plans on voting for Trump. As for the Republican National Convention, he said so far he’s been impressed.

“I’ve been watching the GOP convention. I’ve found it very interesting, very entertaining and I think there’s an enlivened spirit I’ve seen the last few days,” Golisano said.