The campaign of Republican John Faso on Thursday opened a new line of attack on Democrat Zephyr Teachout, accusing her of having “dived headfirst into the transactional” politics of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton.

To be sure, the endorsement Teachout received from Cuomo in the Bronx on Wednesday was less-than-enthusiastic, with the governor not mentioning his former primary rival by name when asked if he would back her bid for the 19th congressional district.

Teachout, too, downplayed the significance of the governor’s endorsement in a Capital Tonight interview later in the day.

Nevertheless, the Faso campaign seized on the nod as a sign “Professor” Teachout is selling out. In a statement, the Faso campaign refers to Teachout as “professor” no fewer than eight times (Teachout is a Fordham Law school professor; Faso is widely considered to be an expert on public budgets and financing, making the academic attack on his opponent a bit ironic).

“Professor Zephyr Teachout got herself famous in left-wing circles by calling out Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton as corrupt shills for monied interests in Albany and Washington and on Wall Street, and now she’s hitched up with both of them because it’s politically advantageous to her,” said Faso spokesman Dain Pascocello in a statement.

“This shouldn’t come as a great surprise when you consider that Professor Teachout has a habit of relocating to wherever there’s an office to run for, but for those who genuinely believed what she said about Cuomo and Clinton this has to be dismaying. In joining the Cuomo and Clinton fold, Professor Teachout is demonstrating the very type of self-interest that she railed against to make a name for herself in her adopted state.”

The attack is a standard one, especially given that it seeks to go to the heart of contradicting Teachout’s main appeals as a candidate from outside the political establishment.

Teachout unsuccessfully ran against Cuomo for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2014, but did better than expected given her comparably low name recognition. In the presidential primary, Teachout backed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.