A political action committee for the House Republicans on Thursday is targeting Democratic candidates in swing districts to link them to Hillary Clinton’s handling of her email as secretary of state, including Colleen Deacon who is running for a Syracuse-area House district.

The group, the Congressional Leadership Fund, has launched the website ImWithCareless.com, highlighting the sound-bite ready description by FBI Director James Comey in describing Clinton’s use of a private email server.

“Putting politics before principle, Colleen Deacon is ‘Ready for Hillary’ regardless of how untrustworthy and reckless she’s found by voters or even the FBI,” said Ruth Guerra, Deputy Communications Director for Congressional Leadership Fund. “Democrats proudly embracing Hillary Clinton will have to explain to voters why they continue to stand by her record of scandals and dishonesty.”

Deacon is among the dozen Democrats running in battleground House districts who are being included in the round of criticism by the PAC through the website.

Deacon is running against incumbent Republican John Katko for the 24th congressional district. The seat has perennially changed hands over the last several cycles between both parties.

Katko unseated Rep. Dan Maffei in 2014, making the district a top target to be flipped by Democrats this cycle.