Carl Tweet
Former gubernatorial candidate and Donald Trump mega-supporter Carl Paladino is no stranger to accusations of racism. Two months ago, I wrote a blog detailing some of that history.

So when this tweet surfaced on Paladino’s Twitter account Wednesday morning referencing United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch, an African-American woman…

Let’s just say his critics weren’t ready to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Paladino said it was a mistake though, and one for which he wasn’t even directly responsible. He said it was his assistant who sent out the tweet.

“It was well-intended. We are novices learning how to tweet. My assistant thought that was the way to direct the tweet at Lynch,” he said.

The Buffalo business man said they realized something was wrong when media started calling and deleted it.

Paladino is the honorary co-chair of Trump’s New York State campaign. He says he’s not heard anything from the campaign about the tweet.

Of course, the candidate himself has been accused of tweeting bigoted content throughout his campaign, most recently an image of the Star of David.