Republican criticism of Hillary Clinton’s vow to create 200,000 jobs in upstate New York is part of the “political silly season” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday during a stop in Buffalo.

But at the same time, Cuomo questioned whether Clinton had a role in job creation as a U.S. senator.

During a question-and-answer session with reporters after announcing an expansion of Geico in western New York, Cuomo pivoted back to his criticism of the state Legislature for questioning his economic development efforts.

“It is now the political silly season and people are hammering people all across the board,” he said, adding, “How significant Hillary Clinton as senator was supposed to be in developing jobs, I don’t know. But there were a lot of reasons why New York was losing the competition for jobs. The New York Legislature did not understand it had to compete for jobs.”

Republicans, including GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, criticized Clinton on Monday for failing to produce any significant growth in jobs in upstate New York. Clinton served as the state’s junior senator from 2001 until 2009, when she became President Obama’s secretary of state.

Sen. Chuck Schumer defended Clinton this week as well, pointing to her electoral success in upstate New York during her 2006 re-election campaign.

“In 2006, Clinton carried upstate New York by a large margin,” Schumer told Politico. “I think that strikes down Trump’s argument.”

When it comes to upstate jobs, Cuomo blamed “legislative policies and gubernatorial policies chased businesses from this state and it chased young people from this state.”

“But do the facts have anything to do with Hillary Clinton — the attack on Hillary Clinton? Probably not. My father wasn’t governor during Hillary Clinton’s time.”