After the congressional campaign of Democrat Zephyr Teachout this week challenged the top-dollar donors to a super PAC backing Republican John Faso to a debate, Republicans are highlighting her ties to the mega rich, namely the Soros family.

Teachout’s ties to the Soros family, including financier George Soros and his son Jonathan, are well documented.

Jonathan Soros, an advocate for the public financing of campaigns, has hosted a fundraiser for Teachout. And the Soros family has contributed a combined $23,600 in direct contributions to the congressional campaign. Teachout herself donated $500 to the super PAC Friends of Democracy, which was formed in an effort to elected candidates supportive of campaign finance law changes.

“Zephyr Teachout’s elitist hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. Her fraudulent attack on Republicans is absurd in light of her close and longstanding ties to the billionaire Soros family, who have spent millions of dollars trying to influence elections and advance a liberal agenda,” said Amelia Chassé, the press secretary for the American Rising PAC.

“If Zephyr Teachout has a shred of authenticity left, she’ll expand her debate invitation to include the left-wing billionaires funding her campaign.”

Teachout this month challenged the major donors to the New York Wins PAC, Robert Mercer and Paul Singer, prolific donors in their own right to largely conservative causes.

The criticism Teachout was making was not over direct contributions like the checks cut by the Soros family to her campaign, but the influence of big money flowing to super PACs.

“We clearly hit a nerve, and we are hearing form people around the district about how much they want to see this debate, and are totally frustrated with SuperPAC billionaires drowning out peoples voices,” she said in a statement.

“There’s a big difference between us: I believe we need to get money out of politics. John Faso, supports the Citizens United decision and believes the current system works, which is just wildly out of touch with the way people feel all across America and in our democracy. There’s also a big difference between two $500,000 checks equaling $1,000,000, like the ones written by Paul Singer and Robert Mercer, and the individual support of donors.”

This isn’t the first time the Soros name has come up in a race for the Hudson Valley congressional district. In 2014, Republicans criticized Democrat Sean Eldridge for the backing he received from Jonathan Soros.