Over the past six years, the Monroe County Republican Committee has paid former Monroe County Executive Jack Doyle hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise money for the party. The GOP contracted Doyle through his Limited Liability Company and he was paid commissions based on how much he brought in.

Party boss Bill Reilich said it was something Doyle excelled at.

“He’s been part of the fabric of our community for a decade so he was very effective because he knew everybody,” Reilich said.

Last week, Doyle stepped down as the party’s fundraiser. Reilich said the 75-year-old wanted to spend more time with his family.

“We wish him well in enjoying his retirement and look forward to seeing him around socially,” he said.

The MCRC chair said he’s had a personal and professional relationship with Doyle dating back to the early 2000’s, when Doyle was county executive and Reilich was a member of the state legislature. Reilich said one of the individuals who was involved with Doyle’s LLC will continue to contract with the party.