A bill introduced by Republican Sen. Kemp Hannon on Tuesday is aimed at providing access to affordable alternatives to the EpiPen injector after a pharmaceutical company hiked the price of the medical device.

The bill announced Tuesday would authorize a pharmacist to provide a generic epinephrine auto-injector with a brand-specific prescription without a patient having to be issued a separate presceription.

“Given the recent unconscionable price increases of EpiPens by Mylan Pharmaceutical, we must look to more affordable alternatives for families dealing with allergies,” Hannon said in a statement.

“Last month I wrote the Attorney General asking that he pursue all actions against Mylan and I am pleased he has responded with his announcement today that he will begin an official investigation to put an end to the way they are taking advantage of New Yorkers. While that legal process is ongoing, the new legislation I introduced last week would also help address this costly problem by ensuring families have better access to epinephrine.”

The bill’s introduction comes the same day as Attorney General Eric Schneiderman signaled he would investigate EpiPen manufacturer Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for their decision to increase the cost.

Hannon is among a half dozen or so Republican incumbent Democrats this year are targeting as potentially vulnerable in a re-election bid.

“Many prescribers are unaware of alternatives or unaware of the fact that a prescription written for an EpiPen cannot be substituted for a less costly alternative,” Hannon said. “Likewise families are often unaware of alternatives and do not know to ask their doctor for a prescription for an epinephrine auto-injector rather than an EpiPen.”