From the Morning Memo:

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown didn’t just get an invite to Monday’s presidential debate at Hofstra University. As the new chair of the state Democratic party, Brown was in the front row, and from where he was sitting, he said Hillary Clinton clearly beat Donald Trump.

“She had excellent moments all throughout the entire debate, so it would be hard to pick just one moment that was best,” he said.

As the head of New York’s second largest city, Brown said Clinton’s comments on police and race relations specifically resonated with him.

“I thought that was a very strong moment,” the mayor recalled. “It reflected that she had thought about that issue a lot and that she had been involved in that issue and traveled to different parts of the country to talk to both police officers and residents.”

Brown was sitting with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, with whom the mayor said he has built a relationship over the years. Brown said he enjoyed being able to discuss his impressions about the debate with a man he deemed one of the “most prominent leaders in the civil rights movement in this nation.”

After the debate, Jackson also joined Brown in the Spin Room, where thousands of reporters were trolling the aisle, seeking comment. The chairman said it was his first time in that environment.

“It’s a huge room with media from all across the country and across the world, many people talking in different sections of the room. It was a very interesting experience, seeing a room like that and having questions fired at you from a lot of different quarters,” Brown said.

One person who did not make a post-debate Spin Room appearance – Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who tapped Brown to serve as party chair. The governor did, however, attend the event with his longtime girlfriend, Sandra Lee, and also headlined a local rally for Clinton after the debate.