Democratic NY-19 candidate Zephyr Teachout’s second TV ad of the general election campaign features the candidate riding in a boat on the Hudson River and accusing her Republican opponent, John Faso, of “selling out” to corporate interests and Wall Street billionaires who “wrecked out economy.”

Teachout obliquely mentions the need to clean up both politics and this still-polluted river, which is lined with communities struggling with the lack of jobs. She doesn’t mention anything specific – like, say, the push by the administration led by her 2014 Democratic gubernatorial primary opponent, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for the EPA to force GE to continue dredging, arguing that the years-long clean-up job didn’t actually leave the river clean enough.

No word from the Teachout campaign on when this goes on the air, for how long or the size of the buy. Here’s the full script:

“From the Hudson River, you can see a lot of what’s wrong with our country. I’m Zephyr Teachout. At one end is Albany, where politicians like my opponent sold out to corporate interests. At the other end are the Wall Street billionaires who wrecked our economy. ”

“My opponent worked for them too. In between are strong communities on a still-polluted river struggling with the lack of jobs. I’ve fought against corruption my entire career. Now I’m running for Congress and I approved this message because we need to clean up politics and this river.”

UPDATE: According to the campaign, this ad went on the air today, and will be running on cable. The buy is “large” across the district, according to Teachout spokeswoman Alexis Grenell.