Republican former Assemblyman Joe Errigo in a radio interview on Thursday in Rochester accused President Obama of stoking the racial divide in the United States, saying the president has signaled to black people to “kill the whites.”

Errigo is running for the district represented by the late Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay, who committed suicide last month.

In a joint radio interview with his Democratic opponent Barbara Baer on WXXI News, Errigo disagreed with the premise that white people are treated differently than black people in the U.S.

In the response, Errigo referenced the president’s former pastor, the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose fiery sermons became a campaign issue for Obama in 2008.

“I think they take that attitude because it’s taken to them. When you hear the president’s minister say instead of God bless America, goddamn America, let them feel the pain. Now you’re bringing us back to slavery. I was not part of that. My parents weren’t part of that,” Errigo said. “We lost a lot of people over that fight. I think the president has done a disservice and I don’t condone. I hear the way he talks sometimes that just — they’re telling the black people, ‘Get out there, kill them. Kill the whites.'”

The comment came amid an extended discussion about economic inequality and the issues facing poor people.

Earlier, Errigo decried violence in cities.

“I know there are many, many good people. Hispanics, black people. I have friends, policemen, and they’re afraid to go out on the streets,” he said. “My parents were very poor and never did they tell me (to) disrespect a teacher.”

For her part, Baer contended people are treated differently because of their skin color.

“I think I would disagree with all that Joe has said,” she said.