Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is out today with the first TV ad of his re-election campaign – a feel-good spot that features footage of the fit Hudson Valley congressman jogging through his district and interacting with various constituents.

The ad, which goes up today and is part of a “six-figure buy,” according to Maloney’s campaign, makes no mention of his political affiliation or any specific issues.

That stands to reason, given the fact that the district – NY-18 – is closely divided and has changed hands between the major parties several times over the past few election cycles.

Though Maloney has made no secret of the fact that he’s a partisan Democrat (not to mention a big supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, having worked for her husband in the White House), he also often stresses his support from Republicans and his willingness to work across the aisle to get things done.

Maloney is being challenged this cycle by first-time candidate Phil Oliva, a Republican who has worked for a variety of elected officials – including, most recently, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino – but has never before run for office himself.

Oliva appeared on CapTon last night. He questioned Maloney’s claims of bipartisanship and dedication to the district by noting that he has made repeated trips outside the state to campaign on Hillary Clinton’s behalf and also has called her one of his heroes, praising her as both competent and trustworthy.

The NY-18 race is not among those considered hotly competitive in New York this year, though Oliva insists that it’s closer than conventional wisdom allows.

He noted the unusually broad lead enjoyed by freshman Republican Rep. John Katko in NY-24, another closely divided district, according to this week’s exclusive TWC News/Siena poll, and said his internal polling, (which he has not released in full), indicates he’s performing a lot better against Maloney than observers believe.

Here’s the script for Maloney’s ad, which he narrates himself:

“People always ask me why I run.”

“Well it starts with my fight for safe drinking water, and making the schools we send our kids to work better, and college more affordable for working families, and the veterans I’m fighting for to help them pay for college and get good jobs, and fighting the heroin epidemic.”

“It’s about keeping the Hudson Valley working, creating good jobs right here.”

“I’m Sean Patrick Maloney and I approve this message, because what I’m running for…is you.”