From the Memo:

When it comes to polling, Western New York mega-Trump supporter Carl Paladino shares the same opinion as the candidate he backs. While Trump spent yesterday criticizing national polls, Paladino took a more local approach.

The most recent Siena Poll, which came out last week, showed Trump running 24 points behind Hillary Clinton. Paladino said he’s not buying that.

“We know that we’re a lot better off than the Siena poll,” the Buffalo businessman and School Board member said. “…the Siena poll has been right up the back end of (Gov.) Andrew Cuomo and all the Democrats.”

During an interview with TWC News anchor Casey Bortnick, Paladino also criticized Republican leaders who indicated last week the Empire State appears out of reach for Trump. He said that kind of talk only discourages people from voting.

“I think we’re going to see such a wave out of Upstate New York and Long Island that it’s going to overcome the liberal vote that’s going to come out of New York City,” Paladino insisted.

To back up his assertions, Paladino said local volunteers have been conducting polling of their own, surveying voters in the Erie County town of Cheektowaga – an area known for having, in his words, “blue-collar” and “hardworking” people.

According to Paladino, 44 percent of those surveyed from Cheektowaga favored Trump, while 42 percent said they were planning to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“Cheektowaga is 75 percent Democrat and the saying goes, like with Ohio back in 1965, the way Cheektowaga goes the nation goes with a presidential election,” Paladino predicted.