More than 700 people have signed a petition asking Buffalo Public School Board President Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold to remove Carl Paladino from the board. The petition is in reaction to statements Paladino, the honorary co-chair of Donald Trump’s New York campaign, recently made to the Washington Post, regarding a leaked video of Donald Trump published by the Post Friday.

In the video, Trump can be heard bragging to then “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush that, as a star, women let him do anything. That included, he said, grabbing them by the genitalia (he used a more vulgar term).

Paladino told the Post Trump’s “gutter talk” was something “all men do, at least normal men.” The petitioners calling for Paladino’s removal said it’s evident not only that he condones sexual assault and rape but tries to normalize it.

They said allowing him to remain on the board makes the other members complicit.

“Paladino’s statements show a critical lack of good judgment. He does not deserve a position to make decisions about school youth and should resign immediately,” they wrote in the letter to Nevergold.

The Buffalo business man and former gubernatorial candidate, Paladino, said it’s unfair for the mainstream press to continue to dwell on Trump’s comments. He said 99 percent of the time, that kind of locker room talk is untrue or severely exaggerated.

As for the 737 people who had signed the petition as of 2 p.m. Monday, he called them “uninformed, racist types.”

“When someone wrongly accuses me of such heinous things, of course every idiot on the street will believe it and sign a petition. It doesn’t mean it’s true,” he said.