From the Morning Memo:

There’s a lot of train talk in Buffalo these days.

Last month, Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins called for a study into where the city should build a much needed new station, and since then a number of public officials have weighed in, too.

The congressman said the site should either be at the city’s original Central Terminal or the now-bustling Canalside on the waterfront. State funding is already earmarked for the project, and Higgins is pushing for a federal match.

An advocacy group for an enhanced regional transit system held an open meeting yesterday to discuss the topic, and they’d like to see a lot more than just a new hub.

Citizens For Regional Transit is proposing a new multi-modal system, which would include rail and bus transit as well as safe links for pedestrian and bicycle routes. The system would accommodate eastbound and westbound traffic, plus trains going to and from Niagara Falls and Toronto.

“The issue with the downtown station is it only serves trains going to Toronto and Niagara Falls and it’s important to also serve trains going west to Chicago and Cleveland.  So, that would argue in favor of Central Terminal or the current Depew Station, so maybe we need two stations,” Funke said.
Advocates said a public study will be required to identify locations for a new system.