Republican Senate candidate Julie Killian on Monday announced she may not vote for her party’s nominee for president after a video surfaced Friday of Donald Trump making vulgar comments and boasting about sexual assault.

“Americans are left with an awful choice to make on November 8,” said Killian, a Republican running for a seat in Westchester County against incumbent George Latimer, a Democrat.

“Based on their records, neither candidate has earned my vote. Like so many others, I am left disappointed, disillusioned, and soul-searching when it comes to this presidential race.”

Killian is the first Republican candidate for the state Senate to announce she would not be able to support Trump in the general election.

The move comes after Trump has dismissed the 2005 video as “locker room talk” and apologized for the remarks in which he brags that as a star women let him do whatever he wants to them.

Killian’s position also comes as Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan insisted to The Daily News over the weekend Trump’s candidacy would not hurt Republicans running down-ballot races and that he was not abandoning support for the nominee.

But Killian is running in a potential battleground district that Democrat Hillary Clinton is expected to do well in, but Republicans have long sought to flip.

Killian tied back Trump’s comments on women to the treatment of women in Albany adding the “locker room” defense won’t suffice.

“Donald Trump’s remarks were not only vulgar, they reveal that Trump used his power as a celebrity to sexually exploit women,” she said. That’s the real issue here. We can’t excuse those actions under any circumstances. What would that say to our daughters; to our sons? We’ve seen this dynamic in Albany, too, and our state political leadership badly failed the test. They looked the other way as women working in state government were sexually assaulted, ignored, and spit out by the political machine with a check and a non-disclosure agreement.”

“After former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was caught covering up rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment in Albany with taxpayer ‘hush money,’ leaders in both parties cowered and refused to call for his resignation. Power came before decency.”