From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s policies in the last several days has gotten the attention — and support of — celebrity actors who have praised his efforts on renewable energy and anti-discrimination measures.

Cuomo’s push for the clean energy standard — bashed by some environmental groups, good-government advocates and budget hawks for its subsidizing nuclear energy — was singled out for praise in a Huffington Post essay co-written by David Duchovny of “X-Files” fame and businessman Jigar Shah.

Updated: It’s worth noting, too, that Shah is an appointee of the governor’s on NYSERDA, a fact HuffPo does not point out.

“Managing climate change is going to be a generational battle. We need all of the ammunition we have, and then some,” the essay stated. “New York’s recent decision wisely recognizes that extending the life of existing nuclear power plants is part of the solution. With the national climate change agenda now more uncertain than ever, it’s time to collectively get behind a pragmatic path forward.”

Then there was the actress Mirah Sorvino, who tweeted her support for Cuomo’s flurry of efforts to bolster the state’s anti-discrimination and hate crimes laws following the election of Republican Donald Trump to the presidency: “Bravo, Governor Cuomo: the state of my birth, NY,establishes itself as a place that will not legally or in attitude tolerate hate or racism!”

Cuomo has come under fire from celebrities, including Mark Ruffalo, who had urged him to block high-volume hydrofracking, an action his administration ultimately took in 2014. Ruffalo later cut a video for Cuomo praising the boost in spending for the Environmental Protection Fund.

Celebrities skewing toward liberal causes, of course, is not a new phenomenon. Endorsements from left-leaning stars did little for Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton as the results of the election showed.