The campaign of Republican congressional candidate John Faso is pushing TV stations to remove an ad attacking his record as a state lawmaker.

The ad, released by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, knocks Faso for backing a $175 million cut to college tuition assistance.

The claim is “flatly incorrect” the Faso campaign charges. The assistance cut referred to in the was part of then-Gov. George Pataki’s budget in 1997, but it was removed from the final spending plan when it was voted for approval in August (yes, once upon a time Albany had “late” budgets approved after the start of the April 1 fiscal new year).

“Professor Teachout keeps telling voters she wants to treat them like adults,” Faso said in a statement. “Here’s her chance — call on your well-heeled allies in the DCCC to remove this demonstrably false attack ad and run on your own merits.”

At the same time, Faso’s team is knocking the claim in the ad that he “repeatedly” back tax increases on middle-income families, an assertion the candidate says is the opposition of what occurred. Faso backed a plan that saved middle-class families “billions” since it was approved in 1995.

Faso is now calling for the ad to be removed from the airwaves, which have been crowded with ads boosting and trashing both candidates in the 19th congressional district.

“If Zephyr Teachout takes no action to remove a transparently dishonest ad airing in her name, voters should take notice,” Faso said.

“This pattern of exaggerations, lies and false attacks will be remembered on November 8th for what it is: the desperate tactics of a politician with no connection to the district and no ideas for reducing the sky-high taxes driving too many families and businesses out of Upstate New York.”

Updated: Bryan Lesswing of the DCCC responds.

“John Faso can’t paper over the fact that he sided against middle-class families in Albany, or his many pay-to-play scandals and investigations as an Albany lobbyist,” he said. “Between his anti-middle class conservative voting record, pay-to-play pension investigations, ponzi-like scandals and siding with his corporate backers, the Hudson Valley can’t afford John Faso.”

NY-19 Ad Take Down Letter final by William F. B. O'Reilly on Scribd