New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox on Wednesday in a statement knocked Mayor Bill de Blasio’s endorsement of Rep. Keith Ellison to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

In particular, Cox takes issue with Ellison’s position on Israel which he says “should be of deep concern to all Americans.”

Ellison is among a handful of Democrats vying for the top spot at the DNC and has been given the endorsement of a number of prominent New York Democrats, including Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Here’s the statement:

“Mayor de Blasio’s endorsement of Keith Ellison for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee is a slap in the face to the more than one million Jews who live in New York City. Congressman Ellison’s long history of anti-Semitic leanings and anti-Israel positions are disqualifying and should be of deep concern to all Americans. Despite losing the White House, majorities in both houses of Congress, blue-state governorships, and state legislative majorities across the country, the Democratic Party continues its dramatic lurch to the far-left. It’s clear from this endorsement that Bill de Blasio is more concerned with his ambitions of becoming a national progressive figure than his relationship with one of one of New York’s largest constituencies.”