As Assembly Democrats gathered in Albany for a closed-door conference, Majority Leader Joe Morelle on Monday told reporters he was skeptical a constitutional amendment for term limits would be backed by his chamber.

At the same time, Morelle was cool to the idea of a broad-based change to state government through term limits and the creation of a full-time Legislature in matter of weeks.

“I don’t think term limits are going to be on the table,” he said. “I don’t think we’re going to rush into any real restructuring of the state government or the responsibilities of legislators in an end-of-the-year session. I don’t think it’s the appropriate time.”

Democrats are gathering at the Capitol this week amid talk of a special session that could be held at some point this month.

Lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are haggling out the finer points of a slate of issues ranging from ethics reform to funding a hate crimes task force and procurement reform. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, meanwhile, has insisted none of these issues should be linked in a broader agreement that could reconstitute a commission determining whether the Senate and Assembly could receive a boost in pay.

“The governor and the speaker and the Senate majority leader have things that they would like to address,” Morelle said said. “Obviously there has been some talk about whether hate crimes legislation is appropriate to do at this point. There is some talk about some additional dollars for the homeless. So there’s a host of things. I think what we don’t want to do — and I think the speaker has made this clear — is trade things that relate to the Legislature’s pay as though that were a trade. These other issues are not withstanding may be appropriate to do.”

Lawmakers have also been discussing the possibility of passing a pay increase as a standalone measure and then having Cuomo decide whether veto the legislation, which would face a difficult climb in a rare override by the Legislature.

Still, even as Cuomo has sought to reach out to lawmakers with a potential agreement, even the “full time” Legislature — which could pave the way for an increased boost in pay — may be difficult.

“I would say anecdotally, our members, the vast majority of our members, have long been opposed to term limits as they’ve been described,” Morelle said. “We’ll obviously talk to them about it, but I think I have a feeling of how they’ve felt in the past. They feel it strengthens the executive branch and it strengthens the role of lobbyists and entrenched staff. And I think just a few years is a short period of time for legislators to learn the process here and to be effective in advocating for their communities.”