The New York Public Transit Association sent a letter to the governor Thursday in support of allowing Transportation Network Companies, a.k.a. ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft, to operate in Upstate New York. In taking the position though, NYPTA also called for a surcharge on the companies.

“While NYPTA supports this new travel option, there is the potential for TNC’s, as private for-profit carriers, to draw some riders away from existing, government supported, transit systems. NYPTA recommends that a portion of any new state revenues received from TNCs be used to support public transit,” Association President Bill Carpenter said.

Carpenter said a fee, like what taxicab are already charged in New York City, should be included to help offset the loss of riders on existing public transit systems. NYPTA represents more than 100 agencies across New York state.

One ride-hailing proposal legislators are considering, would include a 50 cent surcharge on every ride, with the money going to local transit. Some Republican Senators have suggested any new revenue generated from ride-hailing would be better spent on infrastructure.


New York Public Transit Association by Ryan Whalen on Scribd