Hundreds of education advocates will descend on the state Capitol today for the first official Lobby Day of the 2017 session.

They’re calling on the governor and legislative leaders to commit to a two-year full phase-in of the $4.3 billion worth of Foundation Aid that is owed to schools as a result of the 10-year-old Campaign for Fiscal Equity settlement.

To accompany their lobby day, which is expected to draw some 500 parents and students to Albany, the Alliance for Quality Education has released a hard-hitting video that casts the school funding disparity in starkly racial terms.

In the video, an advance copy of which was provided to the SoP, AQE’s advocacy director Zakiyah Ansari says:

“We have asked children to shrink themselves, to be less than they could be, because the state won’t fund their potential.”

“Across the state, the constitutional rights of children have been violated. We have witnessed systemic racism and economic oppression that has rocked our public education system.”

“Governor Cuomo, you and the Senate Majority have chosen to continue the violation of the human rights of our children by not funding our schools.”

In an email accompanying the video, which is being blasted out to AQE supporters this morning, the organization’s legislative director, Jasmine Gripper, says fully funding the CFE settlement is a matter of “racial justice.”

She notes that 58 percent of the money in question is “owed to black and brown students,” adding: “(T)he failure to provide the funding perpetuates systemic racism in education.”

The AQE has launched a letter writing campaign to Cuomo, which warns of an impending effort by the incoming Trump administration to “strip resources from our students.”

That’s something both the NYC teachers union and the AFT have been sounding the alarm on as the president-elect’s Education secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos, faces a confirmation hearing in D.C. tomorrow.

The effort by AQE comes as Cuomo has been trying to position himself as the antidote to Trump and a champion of progressive values in what is widely viewed as preparation for a potential White House run in 2020.

Liberal Democrats and their progressive organizing allies have been pressuring Cuomo on a number of fronts, raising the specter of Trump and calling on the governor to be a “true” leader by embracing their causes. Now we can official add education funding to that list.