Kellyanne Conway, adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, spent about an hour speaking Thursday in Buffalo. Her appearance at the new Westin Hotel, downtown, may have raised as much as $1 million according to the Erie County Republican Committee.

GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy said roughly 150 people attended the luncheon which cost $5,000 per head. The money raised goes to the Trump transition effort.

“The president-elect didn’t make himself available for dates, albeit that we tried to get some dates. We were eager to do fundraising for him for his campaign, but it didn’t come together,” Langworthy said. “But this was an opportunity to get people to support the president-elect’s agenda going forward.”

The chairman noted the fundraiser brought in some members of the local party who had not been closely involved in the campaign effort. That included former ambassador Anthony Gioia, a prominent Buffalo fundraiser, who told TWC News in May he was not getting involved, in part, because he was “not enamored” with Trump.

Gioia was listed as a vice-chair for the event and has come around to supporting the president-elect for a number of reasons. He said Trump has a compelling message, the stock market has reacted well to his election, and he’s impressed by Trump’s cabinet appointments.

Gioia said he was particularly impressed with Conway who he said talked candidly about the campaign, how pollsters got the election wrong and mainstream media bias. Langworthy said she was very well-received.

“What we saw today is a preview of what we’ll see going forward,” he said. “I’m sure she will be someone that’s no stranger to television and going out giving speeches on the president’s behalf.”

The event was not without controversy though. A few dozen demonstrators braved the cold weather, protesting a number of different issues.

“We’re frustrated that all this money is being funneled outside of Buffalo and these people are literally funding somebody who’s xenophobic, racist, misogynistic,” protester Cai Blue said.