The lucrative real-estate tax abatement known as 421a is being replaced with something that looks a lot like the old program, albeit with a different name.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday unveiled legislation that revives the tax break aimed at building affordable housing and a wage component for projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

The old and relatively obscure tax break, which had expired and then tossed to real estate interests and construction labor unions to hash out, has been a key component of three corruption investigations. It’s generated $1 billion in subsidies for developers annually, some of whom have been Albany’s most generous campaign donors.

The new proposed program isn’t called 421a, after its section of the tax code. Now it’s been dubbed “Affordable New York.”

Indeed, there wasn’t much different in the announcement from Sunday and the agreement announced in November by the Real Estate Board of New York and construction labor groups.

Cuomo in a radio interview with businessman John Catsimatidis spoke of 421a in the past tense while touting what he said are improvements in the new legislation.

“It will create about 2,500 units per year of affordable housing, about 9,000 units total, and it’s actually, in my opinion, a better program than the old 421-a,” Cuomo said. “This has increased the length of affordability 40 years, and it’s actually made it more affordable for people to qualify.”

The portion of the pre-taped interview itself, in which it sounded like Catsimatidis had switched to talking to the governor on a cell phone, on the Sunday morning radio show appeared tacked on at the end.