Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein believes the Senate GOP will come around to backing the continuation of a surcharge on the wealthy in order to fund education spending, a phase out of tuition costs and potentially cuts to business taxes.

“I’m sure they’re going to realize we need the revenue that comes from that high earner tax,” Klein said in an interview on Wednesday, a day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled a budget that keeps the expiring tax rates in place, but seeks to reduce rates for middle income earners starting at $40,000.

“My position is the same as the governor’s,” Klein said. “I think we have to keep the tax as is.”

The seven-member Independent Democratic Conference is retaining its alignment with the Senate Republican conference, who are retaining a narrow majority in the chamber with the help of Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder, a Democrat who sits with the GOP.

Klein has worked well with the Senate Republicans and has pointed to IDC victories in the chamber under the arrangement, including increases in the minimum wage.

Majority Leader John Flanagan reiterated on Wednesday his opposition to continuing the tax.

But Klein backed Cuomo’s assertion that keeping the surcharge is key to the overall budget plan.

“I think we need that revenue,” Klein said. “We’ve done that several years ago and by the way the same time we raised the taxes on the high earners, we lowered it for middle income earners.”