From the Morning Memo:

For the balance of the time Andrew Cuomo has been in office, Democrats have had at least one lever of power in the federal government.

That isn’t the case anymore, and some are seeing a subtle change in how Cuomo’s speechmaking has evolved over in recent weeks apparent in both his State of the State speeches and the remarks he gave at a Planned Parenthood rally on Monday.

“I’m starting to see the governor is putting the time and attention into crafting stronger bully pulpit speeches. His brand has been he’s a governor who delivers and I don’t think that changes,” said Bruce Gyory, a former advisor to past governors and a Capital Tonight Insiders panel member who works for Manatt, Phelps & Phillips in Albany. “I think you are starting to see him put the empahsis on honing his bully puluipt skills and using those speeches as both sword and shield on the policy grounds.”

Gyory believes this is a more natural evolution for Cuomo, given the Democratic base is seeking responses to policy emanating from Washington.

“I’m starting to see him putting a little more time and attention to it,” Gyory said. “They’re more polished and provide more connective tissue to policy and politics. To be a Democratic governor in the age of Trump, your base expects you to persuade and not leave it to the president.”