Gov. Andrew Cuomo reiterated his opposition to the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York, calling it a “gateway drug.”

New York has a program for medically based cannabis usage that is increasingly expanding to make it easier for patients with terminal illnesses and other serious physical ailments to obtain a prescription.

But Cuomo in Schenectady on Wednesday insisted he remained opposed to expanding marijuana usage to everyone, suggesting it could lead to further drug usage.

“Because the flip side argument is it’s a gateway drug and marijuana leads to other drugs and there’s a lot of proof that’s true,” he said. “There’s two sides to the argument.”

He also indulged in some drug humor, questioning why the recreational marijuana inquiry was being made by a reporter.

“I don’t support recreational marijuana,” Cuomo said and added with a laugh, “Apparently you do, which explains some of the stories you’ve been writing. Recreational marijuana I think should be separated from the workplace.”

Cuomo returned to theme of reporters getting stoned later in the conversation: “As of this date, I am unconvinced on recreational marijuana. If you choose to use marijuana recreationally, you know the law. But, again, as reporters, I think you should keep it out of the workplace. But it does explain a lot to me.”

The governor, in Schenectady to appear at the opening of a commercial casino there, ended the subject by saying, “Let’s go to the casino.”

The comments come as states have adopted recreational marijuana programs, including neighboring Massachusetts, though the implementation is on hold there.