From the Morning Memo:

Housing advocates today are organizing a day of advocacy to push for their version of a memorandum of understanding that would spend nearly $2 billion on affordable and supportive housing.

The push is aimed at Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose office contends the MOU has already been approved on their end, but the Legislature needs to act.

The Campaign 4 NY/NY Housing is launching its effort through a call-in campaign, asking supporters to leave a message with the governor’s office, using this as a suggestion:

“We urge Governor Cuomo to get the housing MOU DONE NOW. He made this promise more than a year ago. Over 80,000 people are homeless across the state. Every day that passes without an MOU is another day that people live in the streets and in shelters. We need the Governor to fulfill his promise and get the MOU signed now.”

The MOU is aimed at developing 20,000 of units of supportive housing over the next 15 years. The 2016 execute budget included a five-year $2 billion plan for 6,000 units of supportive housing.

But at the end of the legislative session in June, Cuomo and lawmakers agreed to spend the first $150 million, building 1,200 units.