Republican Chairman Ed Cox in a statement on Thursday criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s response to a wind storm that left thousands without power in the region just before a major snowstorm hit.

Cuomo was knocked initially for not appearing in the area following the high winds caused damage around Rochester, though members of his administration and state representatives were on the ground. Cuomo traveled to Rochester twice last week and, over the weekend, blasted the response of the utility RG&E for not being better prepared.

But Cox said the effort to investigate utilities after a storm is part of a “tired playbook.”

“Governor Cuomo’s smoke and mirrors act is stale,” Cox said. “The fact is he was missing in action when the people of Rochester needed their governor and now he’s trying to cover his tracks. The bad news for him is that his tired playbook is being exposed for what it is, and unfortunately, this is just another example of his rudderless and mismanaged Administration.”