A push — or posturing — for a budget approved by March 31 continued on Tuesday as an official in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration insisted a pay raise for lawmakers that could be approved at the end of 2018 would be “untenable” if the spending plan is approved after the start of the new fiscal year.

The issue was initially raised by former Cuomo secretary Larry Schwartz, who retains emeritus status on Team Cuomo, in an op/ed posted on City & State’s website.

And the Cuomo official today backed it up.

“Well those are Larry’s words, but if the legislature didn’t pass an on-time budget it would a repudiation of the progress they’ve made for the last seven years and would be going backwards – politically, it would be untenable to ask for a raise,” the official said.

Cuomo has made a point of passing “on time” or timely budgets during his tenure in office that are approved by the Legislature before the first day of the fiscal year, April 1.

Talks between the governor and the Legislature fell apart in December over a special session that could have resulted in a pay raise through a commission appointed by Cuomo and the legislative leadership.

The lack of a pay raise at the end of the year led to hostilities between Cuomo and lawmakers — long below the surface — boiling over in public during the start of the year.