Rep. John Faso on Friday in a radio interview pleaded to his conservative colleagues in the House of Representative to take a more pragmatic view of the health care debate, even while acknowledging the measure could change.

“Nothing is carved in stone,” Faso said on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom on Friday morning. “But what we’re saying is the country can’t afford the level of growth in an opened-ended structure.

Asked about the opposition to the American Health Care Act from more conservative elements of the House Republican conference on the right-leaning Freedom Caucus, Faso said, “I do think we have to be pragmatic in how we approach this.”

Faso, along with Rep. Chris Collins, has sought to play a key role in the shape of the legislation, adding an amendment that would require the state to take on the county-level costs of the Medicaid program in New York.

The amendment has put Collins and Faso both at odds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, who has railed against the provision and its impact on New York. The measure would not take effect until 2020.

Nevertheless, the acrimony over the proposal remains.

“I particularly disagree with the fake news numbers that have come out of Gov. Cuomo’s office,” Faso said.

It’s unclear if Republicans have enough votes to pass the measure today. President Donald Trump has called for a vote today on the bill after the House GOP leadership postponed action on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Faso’s legislation wasn’t able to get all New York House Republicans on board, and it remains unclear how many may vote for the bill.

“The situation is fluid and I wouldn’t want to get out in front of a colleague,” Faso said.