As Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to push for raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18 in New York and IDC Leader Jeff Klein threatens to resist backing a budget without, Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan is not ruling out.

“I think we’re having real, adult discussions on this subject and there are a lot of people pushing, not just the governor,” he said in a brief interview.

Flanagan said Klein — whose eight-member conference is threatening to withhold its votes for a budget that doesn’t include raise the age — is a “thoughtful policymaker” though he conceded a number of issues with the policy are yet to be discussed.

“I think they’re coming down much more in earnest in this juncture, not to say that wasn’t happening to before, but now it has everyone’s attention,” Flanagan said.

Senate Republicans haven’t ruled out passage of the measure before, but have raised concerns over how the policy would be implemented in the court system and whether violence crimes should be included.