Advocates for supportive housing on Friday are releasing a social media ad urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo to back $2 billion in funding for supportive housing construction in New York.

And they are using Cuomo’s own words from Thursday’s Help USA event with former Vice President Joe Biden.

In the video being released by the Campaign 4 NY/NY, the group uses video of Cuomo decrying the homelessness crisis in New York City and in the state.

“As we sit here today the homeless problem is the worst it’s ever been in the history of this city and this state, believe it or not,” Cuomo says in the video. “It’s not enough just to talk, it’s about getting results. It’s about achieving.”

Text flashes on the screen: “Keep your promise. Get the long-term supportive housing plan done.”

Cuomo has insisted the ball is actually in the Legislature’s court to take up approval of his version of the memorandum of understanding on the housing funds.

The money would be used to build 6,000 units of supportive housing over five years and ultimately 20,000 units in total. Cuomo included the money in his $152 billion budget proposal this year, which the campaign points out he did last year as well.

Advocates for the funding were buoyed this week when the Legislature included $2.5 billion in the competing one-house budget resolutions.

Getting Results from Campaign 4 NYNY Housing on Vimeo.