A digital ad released Monday by a group founded by taxi and livery companies imagines a near future that features driver-less cars and tens of thousands of jobs lost.

The ad, first reported Sunday by the Times Union, comes as ride-hailing apps like Uber have pushed forward with automated cars, which various degrees of success and failure. The technology still remains in its trial stages and some cities have already moved to restrict the use of driver-less or automated cars.

Still, for the Upstate Transportation Association, the threat isn’t just a hypothetical one as ride-hailing apps push to expand outside of New York City.

The ad itself is a fake news cast from the year 2020, projecting automated cars have led to 50,000 jobs being cut.

“Uber’s promise of upstate driver jobs is one of the biggest cons in New York political history,” said UTA President John Tomassi. “If New York approves Uber’s expansion without a ban on driverless cars, our state will be caught in an economic trap that turns new jobs into lost jobs. The reality is that Uber doesn’t care about its drivers – so lawmakers must act to prevent a driverless future that would put tens of thousands of New Yorkers out of work.”

State lawmakers are debating a provision in the budget this month that would allow ride hailing outside of New York City. The budget is expected to pass by March 31.