From the Morning Memo:

The Upstate Transportation Association, a coalition of taxi and traditional cab companies, on Monday will urge police chiefs who have endorsed an expansion of ride hailing apps outside of New York City to rescind their support.

In letters to the chiefs, the group points to the controversy over ride-hailing company Uber’s use of the “Greyball” technology, which The New York Times reported this month has been used to evade government regulators when the company is operating in area in which the app has not been approved.

“In light of the revelations that Uber used secret Greyball technology to evade law enforcement in cities worldwide, we urge you to withdraw your support for the company’s upstate expansion,” wrote the association’s president, John Tomassi.

The letters have been sent to police chiefs in Cheektowaga and Greece. Police chiefs have backed Uber and Lyft in part as a means of reducing drunk driving.

The company earlier this month backed away from the use of Greyball and specifically banned its use when been hailed by a user identified as a potential government regulator.

“Given the way our systems are configured, it will take some time to ensure this prohibition is fully enforced,” the company wrote in a blog post on March 8. “We’ve had a number of organizations reach out for information and we will be working to respond to their inquiries once we have finished our review.”

Greyball as the Times reported is an internal string of code that allowed Uber to identify app users who were either hostile to drivers — such as rival cab companies — or government officials and provide an alternative city map of Uber drivers.

Uber, along with Lyft and other ride-hailing firms, is pushing to expand outside of New York City. The Democratic-led Assembly is expected to release its own version of a ride-hailing measure in the coming days, weeks after the Republican-controlled Senate passed its own stand-alone version of the bill.

Uber Greyball Letter to Chief Zack by Nick Reisman on Scribd