Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave no indication on Wednesday that the removal of budget language requiring businesses to report their job creation figures under the START-UP NY program was the product of a last-minute accident.

Indeed, Cuomo insisted to reporters the reporting under the state’s economic development programs is “robust” and the change in the budget won’t impact reporting to the Empire State Development Corp., an arm of his administration.

“I believe the reporting on the state’s economic development activities is more robust than less robust,” he said.

The excised text from the budget would have required businesses that take advantage of START-UP NY tax credits to report their job creation numbers to the Legislature.

Cuomo said the job creation efforts in the state writ large have been working, comparing it watching a weather forecast to see if it’s raining or going outside to see for yourself.

“They have been working. Well, how do we know they’ve been working? Because we want a report from the Legislature. Well, how do we know it’s raining?” he said. “From before we started until now, we have created 1 million jobs during my tenure. The state now has 8 million private sector jobs, more private sector jobs than it has had in its history.”