Lawmakers are mulling the latest proposal to end the budget standoff at the Capitol, six days after the budget was due.

A Cuomo administration source on Thursday said the proposals include linking charter school funding to traditional public school aid. At the same time, the potential compromise would have a panel of law enforcement officials and social workers determine post-supervision release under the raise the age policy concern.

Linking the 421a tax abatement expiration to expiring rent control is off the table.

It’s a plan that Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie says he can accept, but the broader conference needs to review the language.

“We started a discussion earlier I’d say with this compromise solution and we spoke to the conference about it,” Heastie said. “I’d say other than the more detailed language I’d say we’re OK with it.”

Democratic lawmakers spent the day on Thursday waiting for word of a deal as Heastie shuttled back and forth to meetings on the second floor.

The Assembly does plan to vote on remaining budget bills that have been printed and already approved by the Republican-led Senate. There’s still hope for a final revenue to be considered on Friday.

“We’re here, ready to work and we want to shut this down,” Heastie.

A Senate spokesman in a statement Thursday said no deal was in place yet, but talks continue, he said.

“Senator Flanagan met this morning with the governor and other legislative leaders, and talks centered around a potential compromise that would bring resolution to the budget,” he said. “As a result, he is discussing the proposed changes with a number of our members. While we have had these discussions, there is no final deal.”