Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan indicated he was open to a conversation about making it easier to vote in New York, but questioned the cost of early voting days in advance of Election Day.

“How do you do that without costing astronomical amounts of money? Our county boards of election are strapped right now,” Flanagan told reporters after speaking at a rally in Albany for the corrections officers union. “I think we have a procedure that on the whole works very well, but those are conversations we should be having.”

Democratic lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly have sought to apply post-budget pressure to Republicans to consider voter reforms designed to enhance ballot access and make it easier to vote as well as to register.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo included a package of voter reform proposals in his budget plan earlier in the year, but the measures fell out of the talks.

While Republicans in the Senate have generally resisted bills in the past. But Flanagan on Monday said he would consider bills at least in a conversation.

“Early voting is defined in so many different ways,” he said. “Is it one day? It’s a serious subject and it’s something we should be talking about it.”