From the Morning Memo:

Western New York Assemblyman David DiPietro got the Pence treatment Thursday evening from a group of LGBTQ activists. Members of Queers for Racial Justice held a “dance party” in front of his office.IMG_1362

“I’m just here to show we’re here, visible, and we deserve to be recognized and given the rights everyone else has and he should probably start listening,” Seth Girod said.

The protest was meant to highlight a number of issues the group has with the Republican, who happens to be one of Donald Trump’s earliest and most loyal supporters in the state. Among those issues, they said DiPietro should not have co-hosted the “Spirit of America” rally for Trump in Buffalo last month.

Many activist on the left deemed the event as a white supremacy rally after some attendees turned out with Confederate Flags.

“He lent his name to that and that was a huge concern about his representation of constituents of color,” Jennifer Connor said.

Protesters also criticized DiPietro for voting against the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act and they said he refused to meet with an LGBTQ contingent during a recent lobbying day in Albany.

“These are people who are his constituents, who travel a long way to Albany. To be denied a meeting is really harmful, I think. It’s a huge blow to the community,” Teresa Watson said.

The assemblyman did not immediately respond to a Spectrum News request for comment about the event. The dance party protest format has received plenty of attention lately following a large gathering in front of Vice-President Mike Pence’s home in January.